Platform Cart Jetter 1140 - 37 HP, 11 GPM, 4000 PSI Propane (LP)

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Platform Cart:

  • Steel Cart
  • Rated to 1000 lbs
  • 30" x 56" foot print
  • 8" hard  tires roll easily on hard surfaces.
  • Unit can be mounted in truck or van and then removed for mobile use.
  • Rolls easily through standard door
  • Lift pockets for easy moving with a forklift


  • 37 Horsepower (New SAE J1940 Standards) 999cc Kohler Command Propane (LP) Electric Start Engine
  • Vibration Dampening System
  • Quick oil drain system hose 
  • 3 year engine warranty 
  • Tach and Hour Meter on each Engine for easy maintenance scheduling
  • Uses 33 lb forklift style tank (tank not included)


  • 11 GPM 4000 PSI Polychain belt drive industrial  plunger pump by Udor (NX-C35/300-R, 11 GPM, 4000 PSI, 1750 RPM, Udor Approved) Why We Do It!
  • Pumps have a 1 year warranty through Udor USA
  • Pressure relief valve on each pump (relieves pressure in case of unloader failure)
  • Fully adjustable throughout entire range 0-4000 PSI 0-11 GPM
  • Pulse Valve on Pump Allows for Various Pulse Modes when Jetting


  • 30 Gallon Tank
  • Pumps bypass circulates through 30 gallon tank  virtually eliminating pump overheating
  • Tank has dual float valve for overflow prevention and fast fill-up
  • Low Water Shut-Off
  • Standard 3/4" Garden Hose Water Connection

Jetting Hose Reel:

  • 300' 3/8" Hose Capacity
  • 24 Volt Gearmotor, Gear Reduction Electric Reel Makes for Easy Wind &  Unwind of Hose (Twice as strong as the 53 Amp, 12 volt option)
  • Includes 300' Foot 3/8" Thermoplastic Sewer Hose (Maximum 350' 3/8' Hose
  • Hose Reel Speed Control, Control Speed of Hose "IN" and Hose "OUT" for Precise Cleaning
  • On/Off Switch Prevents Accidental Hose Reel Activation
  • Includes 300' Foot 3/8" 4000 PSI thermoplastic sewer hose
  • Direct Pressure Valve allows constant hands free jetting (use only with two man operation) 

Foot Valve:

  • Detachable High Flow Foot Valve for Hands Free Operation and allows for indoor jetting using portable reel without loss of safety
  • Connects with hose using simple quick connects
  • Allows one man to operate jetter remotely

Pressure Washer:

  • Can be used as a powerful pressure cleaner
  • Pressure Washer Gun and Nozzles included
  • 50' Pressure Washing Hose with Quick Connects Included

Jetting Nozzles Included

  • Rotojet (Free Spinning 360* coverage)
  • Thruster (1 Forward Jet, Remaining Rear)
  • Flusher (All Rear Jets)
  • Deicer Degreaser (3 Forward Jets, Remaining Rear)


  • 620 lbs


  • 30 x 59 x 62" High 

Options Available:

  • 1/2" Jetter hose: Maximize at nozzle pressure (up to 200' without hose reel upgrade)
  • Wireless Remote: (Basic: Water On/Off 250' Range) (Pro: Water On/Off, Engine Kill, Hose Reel In/Out,1 Mile Range)
  • Reel Capacity Upgrade: Up to 500' 3/8" Hose Capacity
  • Hose Reel Guide: Roller System for Easier Winding of Hose
  • Wart Hog Jetting Nozzle: For Maximum 360* Cleaning Power