Truck Kit 1825 - 38 HP EFI, 18 GPM , 2500 PSI

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  • 38 Horsepower, Kohler Command, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), Electric Start Engine (New SAE J1940 Standards) 999cc
  • Save 20+% Fuel Cost over Carburetor Engines
  • Instant Start at Any Altitude, Instant Throttle Response, No Choking, No more gummed Carbs from the 10% Ethanol in most fuels
  • Exhaust Raincap
  • Vibration Dampening System
  • Quick Oil Drain Valve
  • 3 Year Engine Warranty 
  • Tach and Hour Meter for Easy Maintenance Scheduling
  • 12 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Fused 12 Volt Outlet, Power Lights for Night Work, Camera or other Accessories
  • Recommended 500+ CCA Top Post Battery Not Included
  • 18 GPM 2500 PSI (NX-C55/200-R, 17.86 GPM, 1750 RPM, Udor Approved) Why We Do It!
  • Poly Chain Belt Drive Industrial  Plunger Pump by Udor
  • Pumps have a 1 year Warranty Through Udor USA
  • Pressure Relief Valve on Pump (relieves pressure in case of unloader failure)
  • Fully Adjustable Throughout Entire Range 0-2500 PSI 0-18 GPM
  • Pulse Valve on Pump Allows for Various Pulse Modes when Jetting
  • Quick Oil Drain Valve
  • 200 Gallon Tank with 1 1/2" Drain
  • Pumps Bypass Circulates Through Tank  Virtually Eliminating Pump Overheating
  • Tank has Dual Float Valves for Overflow Prevention and Fast Fill-Up
  • Low Water Shut-off
  • Water Filtration System for Pump
  • Standard Garden Hose Connection with Filter

Electric Jetting Hose Reel:

  • 12 Volt Gear Reduction Electric Reel Makes for Easy Wind &  Unwind of Hose
  • Includes 300' Foot 1/2" Thermoplastic Sewer Hose (Maximum 350' 3/8" Hose without upgrade)
  • Hose Reel Speed Control, Control Speed of Hose "IN" and Hose "OUT" for Precise Cleaning
  • On/Off Switch Prevents Accidental Hose Reel Activation 
Foot Valve:
  • Detachable High Flow Foot Valve for Hands Free Operation and Allows for Indoor Jetting Using Portable Reel Without Loss of Safety
  • Works with Main Electric Reel or Portable Reel (simple quick connects move it from one location to another.)
Jetting Nozzles: Included
  • Rotojet (Free Spinning 360* coverage)
  • Thruster (1 Forward Jet, Remaining Rear)
  • Flusher (All Rear Jets)
  • Deicer/De-greaser (3 Forward Jets, Remaining Rear)
  • Nozzle Cleanout Tool
Pressure Washer:
  • Can be Used as a Powerful Pressure Washer
  • Pressure Washer Gun and Nozzles included
  • 50' Pressure Wash Hose Included

Accessories Included:

  • 36" Tiger Tail (protects hose entering manhole)
  • Gloves, Safety Glasses, Safety Vest
  • Extra Quick Connects, O-rings Etc

Separate Skids: Engine/Pump on One Skid and Tank Mounted Separately

What will fit in my truck?   Measure from the tailgate forward (toward the cab) inside the truck bed with tailgate closed. This will be you measurement for depth. Then  measure from left to right of the truck. This will be your measurement for width. The remaining space can be used for the tank. The length on the tanks is area that fits between the wheel wells. If you have questions just call.

Tank Options:

  • 100 Gallon Standard Tank 38" L x 30 W x 26" H
  • 100 Gallon Compact Tank 43" L x 27 W x 26" H 
  • 150 Gallon Tank 48" L x 36" W x 35"H
  • 200 Gallon Tank 48" L x 38" W x 35" H
  • 210 Gallon Tank 60" L x 48" W x 28" H
  • 330 Gallon Tank 50" L x 43" W x 39" H  (check weight limits of truck, total weight will be around 3000 lbs full.)

 Options Available:

  • Reel Capacity Upgrade: Up to 500' 1/2" Hose Capacity (may change skid dimensions)
  • Hose Reel Guide: Roller System for Easier Winding of Hose
  • Reel Motor Upgrade: 53 Amp Motor for Max Pull (stock is 35 amp)
  • All-In-One Compact Skid  (with 200 gallon tank) 56.5" W x 65" Deep x 38 High
  • Portable Reel: For Indoor Use Etc. with 150' 3/8" Hose or Smaller
  • 2" Camlock Fill Port: For Fast Fillup with Fire Hose
  • Wart Hog Jetting Nozzle: For Maximum 360* Cleaning Power
  • Wireless Remote: (Basic: Water On/Off 250' Range) (Pro: Water On/Off, Engine Kill, Hose Reel In/Out,1 Mile Range)