AJ Cart 438R - Honda GX 390, 4 GPM, 3800 PSI, Garden Hose Inlet

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  • Lightweight Aluminum Cart (approximately 150 lbs)
  • 27" wide x 36" long x 41" high (26" high with handle removed)
  • 13" Sealed Ball Bearings Wheels  
  • Rolls easily through standard door
  • Removable Handle
  • Honda GX 390 Recoil Start Engine (Kohler Engine shown)
  • Oil Sentry (low oil shutoff)  
  • 3 year Engine Warranty 
  • Tach and Hour Meter on each Engine for easy Maintained Scheduling
Fuel Tank:
  • 1.8 Gallon Fuel Tank 
  • Triple Belt Drive Industrial Plunger Pump by AR Operates at a low 1450 RPM for Greater Longevity.
  • Pumps have a 5 year Warranty Through AR North America
  • Pressure is Fully Adjustable Throughout Entire Pressure Range
  • Standard Garden Hose Water Inlet Connector
  • Pulse Valve on Pump Allows for Various Pulse Modes when Jetting (Wet design prevents cylinder dry-lock damage)
Portable Hose Reel:
  • Manual Reel Holds up to 200' of 3/8 Jetting
  • 150' 3/8" Jetting Hose Included
Foot Valve:
  • Detachable High Flow Foot Valve for Hands Free Operation and Allows for Indoor Jetting Using Portable Reel Without Loss of Safety
  • Works Portable Reel (simple quick connects move it from one location to another.)
Jetting Nozzles: Included
  • Rotojet
  • Thruster
  • Flusher
  • De-Icer Degreaser
Pressure Washer:
  • 50' 3/8" High Pressure Hose
  • Gun and nozzles included
  • Extra Jetting Hose Length
  • Wart Hog Jetting Nozzle
  • Mobile Jetting Hose Reel with up to 350' 3/8 or 1/2" hose